Where can I learn to wingfoil from Marseille?

Where can I learn to wingfoil from Marseille?

Where can I learn to wingfoil from Marseille?

Want to learn Wingfoil in Marseille? You've come to the right place. You'll find a list of the best Wingfoil schools in Marseille and the surrounding area.

1 - ASPTT Voile Marseille

ASPTT Voile Marseille is a light sailing club located in the heart of the Pointe Rouge harbor, and has specialized in teaching sailing since 1997. The club emphasizes conviviality, respect for the environment, sharing of experience and surpassing oneself. Despite the rigors involved, sailing is a pleasure. The club boasts a large, easily accessible site with a lovely beach and a teaching team with many years' experience in a variety of disciplines.

Sailing courses are run with a maximum of four students per boat. The club also offers three-hour Wing courses, including basic theory, kite handling, lessons at sea with upwind descent, and basic foil towing for beginners. Finally, the club offers performance courses for trainees wishing to progress and take part in competitions in the future.

Younger sailors can also take advantage of these ideal conditions to learn to wing, as the ASPTT offers week-long courses for 12-18 year-olds!

Overall, ASPTT Voile Marseille is an ideal light sailing club for beginners, as well as for more experienced sailors wishing to improve their skills and take part in competitions. The facilities are excellent, the team is experienced and educational, and the courses are suitable for all levels.

THE RIDERY team recommends 100%! 🤙

Booking link :"Wing Foil ASPTT Marseille"

2 - FADA Kite school

Dare to glide! We're delighted to recommend this small wingfoil school, which has just got off the ground!

Run by Yoann, a friendly and educational instructor with many years' experience in teaching board sports, this school is ideal for those wishing to learn wingfoil in a friendly, human-scale environment.

Groups are limited to 2 or 3 people maximum, ensuring personalized and effective learning.

You will also have the opportunity to meet Yoann at our afterworks organized in our Marseille store. 😉

3 - Le Roc Martigues

Discover "Le Roc" in Martigues, a young and dynamic school specializing in gliding sports.

Jean, the founder, is a passionate teacher who makes it a point of honor to help his students progress by offering them sound advice, exceptional adaptability and top-quality supervision.

The wingfoil course includes 3 hours of lessons in groups of a maximum of 3 people, with a launch from the first hour and individual equipment for each participant. A permanent radio link is in place and a boat is available to ensure the safety of trainees. Courses are available 7 days a week from March to November.

Located in Martigues at the Anse de Bonnieu spot, this school is ideal for safe wingfoil beginners. 🏄‍♂️

What about other schools?

As you'll have understood, the schools we've just recommended are THE RIDERY partners you can go to with your eyes closed.

This list of schools is likely to grow following feedback from our customers. 🔥

If you'd like to share your wingfoil school experience with us, or if you'd like to rent equipment following these courses, please don't hesitate to contact us at

(PS: You'll see that progress in wingfoil is visible from session to session, so you'll need to adapt your equipment regularly. Nothing's better than renting for that 😉 )